You’re only a click away from the best prices on moving from certified moving company. You need an experienced residential moving company to ensure a successful, stress-free move. Make The Move is the residential mover of choice for any type of residential move, whether you are moving your apartment or your family's home.

Though it may seem like just renting a truck to transport your household goods may be the most cost-effective option, hiring professional residential movers can actually be as affordable as or even more so than a do-it-yourself move. Make The Move can provide you with an economical solution for your residential move based on your unique needs for a worry-free, full-service relocation.





From medical complexes to high rise office buildings and moving of office items, our professional commercial movers will always keep your business functioning while moving your items. Your business is your source of revenue and it’s essential to keep it functioning. Our business is to ensure your commercial move is stress-free and successful. With our specialized services, loading expertise and move plans, no other commercial moving company can beat us.

We can start by providing an assessment of your moving needs by knowing the logistics that will be needed during the move. Make The Move understands how essential this move is to the success of your business, and we’ll ensure all of the details are carefully managed so you can get back to work immediately.





Packing and Unpacking is probably one of the most dreaded aspects of moving. You look around at all of the things you’ve accumulated and think, “Where do I even begin?” That is where our team at Make The Move comes in! We are a full-service mover and provide customers the option of having all of their possessions packed before the move and later unpacked at the destination or packed but not unpacked. How, where and when is entirely up to you.

Make The Move can help you pack up your items in a way that can minimize your anxiety and ensure your belongings’ safety. We can also assist with the unpacking process once your items have reached their new destination. With our years of combined experience, you can count on us to provide you with the professional and reliable services you deserve.





We handle it all !! Complete Property Clean-Up & JUNK removal located in CA. Make The Move is your full service company. We offer Junk removal services for your home or business including offices, construction site and more. We are the Junk removal company that handles the tough-stuff and we ensure that your junk gets recycled, Donate or disposed of responsibly.

From one household or office item to a garage or warehouse full of items; we remove what you request. We come to your aid by removing all items, sweep and then wash down the area(s), leaving the area(s) clean and fresh with customer satisfaction guaranteed. As a fast and dependable garbage company, we have the trucks necessary to dispose of your junk in just a few short trips at the most! Our experts are skilled at loading a truck for junk removal and will surprise you how fast everything is taken care of!





Make The Move can transport anything from an envelope to several pallets and can deliver these shipments within the same day to almost anywhere in Southern CA. You can depend on us to deliver your items on time, every time. Same-day delivery is our passion! Make The Move is trusted by many of the companies and agencies in CA and the surrounding communities. We have been exceeding expectations since day one and we look forward to an opportunity to exceed yours.

We like to think of our services as an investment in our client’s infrastructure, conducting ourselves professionally and with the same high standards. We provide courier service in CA that adapts to your needs with 24 hour delivery services that exceeds your expectations.



Appliance Service:

Complete disconnect of an appliance at the originating residence and a reconnect of the appliance at the new residence.

Bedroom Furniture Service:

Complete disassemble of bed frame or mirror from horizontal dresser at the originating residence and reassemble of the furniture at the new residence.

Furniture Assembly:

Furniture assembly service (or disassemble) any piece of furniture. This can be for an in-transit move or otherwise. Any brand furniture including IKEA.

Haul Away (Junk removal):

Say goodbye to your old furniture, unwanted appliances, junk, and debris with our hauling services. We will give you one simple estimate to provide proper disposal or recycling and hauling away.

Courier Services:

We provide local Courier Services, packet delivery, messenger service, medical/legal courier, warehousing & logistic same day package delivery and USA parcel delivery.

Packing Service:

We are a full-service mover and provide customers the option of having all of their possessions packed before the move and later unpacked at the destination or packed but not unpacked. How, where and when is entirely up to you.

Packing Supplies:

We offer our customers supplies for packing:

Packing paper – used to wrap everyday items to prevent scratching; when crunched up it can be used as cushioning.

Tissue paper – used for wrapping very delicate items; also provides cushioning and fills in small spaces when packing fragile figurines and china

Bubble wrap – plastic packing material made up of hundreds of tiny “air cushions” or bubbles used to over-wrap small, delicate items after they are wrapped in tissue; also helpful when wrapping larger fragile items such as lamps and pictures.

Foam wrap/sheets – For packing and protecting electronics, small appliances or other fragile items. The foam holds items securely in place and provides excellent protection for glassware, dishware, figurines as well as other valuables. Foam wrap and sheets also provides an added layer of cushioning, good thermal insulation, and allow for stacking of plates and dishes. It is also lightweight and easy to handle.

Box sealing tape – acrylic tape, 2 inch wide; best for packing. Loading and unloading is made so much easier when boxes are securely taped and sealed.

Extra large plastic bags – used for pillows, cushions, comforters, stuffed animals, toys, clothes and shoes.

Mattress bags – keep your mattress and box springs clean during moving or storing while protecting against soil, dust and water damage.

Ziploc bags – These can be used for an assortment of things including small bits and pieces you may have lying about in containers and drawers.

Permanent box marker – An essential moving accessory when you pack your belongings. Write what is in the box and/or what room it should go. Use red when you want to differentiate a box as carrying the more fragile items.

Carpet film – A plastic film with adhesive applied to one side that is spread over flooring and stairways. The film protect your carpets and floors from tracked in dirt and prevents damage.

Boxes –

What ★Make The Move★ will not do:

Although we provide professional support for your move, there are a few tasks that we are not responsible for on moving day:

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